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The Gift of Authenticity: Embracing Vulnerability in Art


Vulnerability is the genuine essence that courses through the veins of every poem I’ve written, transforming simple words into complex emotions and resonant experiences. Untangling thoughts and feelings to not only let go of the burden of keeping it all inside, but to offer a gift of authenticity and find connection.

It’s an act of bravery to be true to oneself and share that truth with the world. I knew sharing my book “The Journey We Take,” required me to be vulnerable and honest with myself in order to show up with sincerity. Diving into the depths of my soul and dissecting every fragment to create a work of self revelation that’s a reflection of my messy, imperfect, beautifully human self. Exposing my most intimate thoughts, fears, and desires and inviting readers to step into my world unfiltered in hopes to provide comfort through relatability. It’s real. It’s raw. My spirit will forever reside within the words I stained onto pages and all the spaces between.

The willingness to openly bare a piece of your soul takes real courage and nevertheless it is what is essential for connection and creativity to blossom. This kind of vulnerability is the lifeblood of self-expression. It’s how we live a life of quality and substance. We must open ourselves up to judgment and critique, knowing not everyone will understand or appreciate the uncovering of one’s innermost thoughts and emotions. But this ability to harness vulnerability is what allows us writers and artists to make connections on deeper levels and transcend the limitations of language and the physicalities of this world by speaking directly to the heart, even if it doesn’t happen to touch everyone. It’s about surrendering and accepting that imperfection is where authenticity thrives.

(Unraveling/In Between The Lines Pg. 10 + 11, The Journey We Take)


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