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Shifting Perspectives: The Power of Perception in Shaping Reality

Our sights are set on the same thing, but we view this world differently. Some walk blindly displaying a façade. Is this vision blocked by barriers, or is it all a mirage? Take a step back to see things more clearly. What these eyes perceive ultimately make up this reality. -JW

Perspective is the unique vantage point or mental framework we as individuals possess. It shapes our perception and interpretation of the world… How we make sense of it all. Each of our lenses observe life differently. Our common surroundings, situations, or similar objectives are analyzed with contrast based on these differing viewpoints. As the last line in my poem concludes, what we see defines our reality.

At times our insufficiency of awareness may warp what we perceive; our

vision sometimes impaired by barriers in the way, whether they be legitimate, or illusory, created by our own mental constructs. Our experiences are influenced by the particular understanding we distinctly form, reflecting our current state of consciousness.

We may remain blind to broader perspectives and rob ourselves of clarity, if we don’t take the opportunity to contemplate and examine how we are the projections of our inner worlds. This can create errors in how we interpret experiences and why we extrude feelings or actions created from those false impressions. The complexities of human nature and the malleability of reality established by separate perspectives reveals how the power of the mind can indefinitely alter your life.


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