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Rediscovering the Past: Navigating the Landscape of Nostalgia


Over time our memories may become fragmented or fade, but there are some moments and experiences that stay forever ingrained. A familiar scent, a taste, a song, or a photograph all have the ability to transcend time and take us back to the past. Painting a nostalgic remembrance before the mind’s eye and transporting us to that certain period in our lives. We’re there, retracing a scene step by step. Piece by piece, recollecting whatever our memory had the capacity to carry so we can relive it, without apprehension, or even considering the consequence of pleasure or pain. These memories remain accessible nevertheless, and perhaps we travel there when we need to emotionally reconnect and foster a sense of continuity in our lives. To see how far we’ve come, or to accept nostalgia offerings of the solace we all need every now and again, by allowing us to revisit these moments that are sometimes all we have left of something, or someone; regardless of rationalization by either comfortably basking in the reminiscence or exposing unhealed wounds that need to be nurtured, we hopefully return to the present with an expanded perspective. Exploring and reflecting on significant moments in life can open doors to gaining new insight as we continue to search for better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It’s essential in the way we find lessons in both successes and setbacks all while developing a deeper appreciation for the challenges we’ve admirably overcome that have shaped us into who we are today.

"my time traveling mind tends to wander far into nostalgia I can almost taste the sweat from going the distance, trying to make sense of what once was and recollect moments time attempts to erase from my consciousness then all of a sudden, a painted scene of history emerges vividly, there you appear right in front of me and I still reach for you by cause of muscle memory."

Excerpt from The Journey We Take by Janellie Wells


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