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Stepping Beyond Comfort: Daring to Ignite the Flames of Growth & Possibility

"I'm standing on the edge of the horizon, tiptoeing around the end of my comfort zone. As the essence of my genuine being is captured and highlighted in the saturated sunlight, everything else evaporates. I can start to feel the heat in my veins, leading to the rhythm in my chest. Beating for a purpose, to do more than scratch life's surface. A heart that is yearning, a passion that is burning for more. It's time I break free, detach from all the crippling thoughts in my mind, and lead into endless possibilities."

Leaving your comfort zone can be terrifying, however what awaits on the other side could be more rewarding than you could ever imagine. You never know what you're capable of until you have tried and if you never make a move, you would not be giving yourself a fair shot at finding out. Much can be learned from venturing outside of your element and having new experiences. Allowing yourself to be uncomfortable gives you a chance to expand your horizons and empowers you to grow. The only requirement is commitment and a little bit of guts. When you build up the courage to face your fears and take a leap of faith into the unknown you're challenging yourself to be better and live at your greatest potential. And no matter the outcome, that alone is worth it. You set your own limitations.

Most people stick to their usual method of doing things, but it's impossible to reach for more when you are cemented in your own comfort, staying stuck in the same cycle. Life becomes idle like that and that can be detrimental. There's plenty of ways and opportunities to challenge yourself on the daily, even if they're simple. Remember, every step counts. If you aim small and start pushing past your boundaries by doing just every day tasks differently it can, and you can go a long way. Instead of picking up your cell phone first thing when you wake up, grab a book or go for a walk. Replace that cup of coffee in the morning for some tea. Consciously take actions that strive for improvement and find alternatives to what you're used to. These changes may seem insignificant in the beginning, but they will eventually break you out of those old routines. Almost everything you need to achieve your goals and live out your dreams requires new habits, knowledge, skills, and experiences.

The irony of the comfort zone is that we will most likely not be willing to step out of it, until we get extremely uncomfortable within in. That discomfort is the voice of our inner guidance assuring us that we were meant for more because we are capable of more. Sometimes it's not until we recognize the pain of living in a place of dormancy and are bored with the repetitious patterns of our life, that we will consider making adjustments that truly ignite the spark within us. A new version of ourselves will be required to make the changes in order to fuel those fires inside, ones that work through fear and believes in our power enough to set ablaze.


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