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The Divine Essence of Creativity: Illuminating Our World from Within

Creativity shapes our world and resides in our deepest desires and every whim we have to convey our truth. It expresses itself through us all, permeating every aspect of our existence, whether we are aware, or not. It’s the soul’s manifestation in each of our lives and perhaps the customization of each of our characters. It is in our speech, the way we choose to arrange words to illustrate a complex idea or even the simplest of thoughts. It's in our movement, how we go about our actions to display our love for something, or someone. How we think. How we dance. How we love... It is the dreams we dare to dream and it is, what I believe to be, the light that lives in us all. We are all touched by divinity, individualized pieces of God; creativeness, a hereditary gift bestowed upon us all, and it's conceivably our duty to allow it to thrive from the inside out and live through us unsuppressed.

Our creative contributions are building blocks constructed by the spirit the lives inside, forming around us in the physical realm. Fragments come together to develop the bigger picture, in which we experience and, additionally, gain further influence, continuing the cycle of creation, along with a hope of progression in evolving the collective mind of the universe towards a greater Heaven on Earth. With the bodies we’ve been given, like architects, we build, personalizing the reality we occupy. And, we too, like alchemists, transform something once intangible (like a thought, or an idea), that lived enclosed in the mind, into substance. The soul demonstrates its imaginativeness, synchronously breathing life into the nature of our entire existence.

When we are in alignment with the light of the divine and in direct connection to something bigger than ourselves we form a harmonious union of the spiritual and the physical, parallel to greater levels of human consciousness as we embody The Source of a higher power. Creativity is a fundamental and divine aspect of being human, something to be cherished and nurtured, We should never deny the world, or ourselves of our contributions no matter how big or small, whether it's using our hearts to string together warm words that heal, our hands to craft.. Whatever it may be. We are the vessels for this divine essence to flow through and it is up to us to let it prosper, shinning unapologetically so the illumination within ourselves can radiate out to brighten our world.

“Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.”


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