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Fool's Paradise: The Thin Line Between Confidence and Conceit

You can find this poem and others in my poetry book, The Journey We Take

Confidence is essential to believing in yourself, an internal power that gives you strength to ultimately achieve your goals, but when one loses control, it can easily become potent enough to transform to pomposity and a false sense of superiority. The thin line that sustains the division between such is humility. At times egotism is strong enough to lift someone into a mind-state of total arrogance that continues to vitalize and flatter their vanity. A God-like complex forms as the result of a distorted perspective and misinterpretation of significance. That being so, it won’t be long before they reach a place of total isolation incapable of purely empathizing or relating to those they look down upon. The conceit leaves them unable to find connection to others since they view themselves at a higher level of importance. There is no common ground to find in an illusive world created by an inflated headspace that looks away from truth; we were all created equal.

"Power confuses itself with virtue and tends also to take itself for omnipotence."

- J. William Fulbright

I’ve known people’s feeling of omnipotence to separate themselves greatly from mutual understanding and compassion towards anyone else. Typically those who exhibit these traits have an unhealthy attachment to their ego and deeper issues at root, but nevertheless,

their lack of awareness will leave them overthrown eventually. Living with your head in the clouds can be a lofty place, but maybe sometimes it is merely a fool’s paradise in disguise that some people will not realize until they are the one to fall from grace and reality hits hard.

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28 de mai.

Good morning Janellie!

I have been reading your “The Journey We Take” and really appreciating the multi level meanings and simplicity of expression in your poetry!

I would love to have a conversation with you…and to publish selected poems in “The Dawning Light.” Here is a sample

The world and many people would benefit from knowing about your work.

I believe you launched on Substack, which has greatly improved and expanded since I recommended it to you last year.

Your poems are perfect for short videos that you can easily make and publish on Tik Tok for free….with links back to this site and your book!

Whitney Hanson is a young poet soul sister of yours who is doing…

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