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Internal Garden: Evolution & Blooming in Our Journeys

"I seem to have outgrown the skin I once wore so comfortably, stumbling over my own two feet, hardly able to breathe. But I have refused to shrink myself down to fit it perfectly. Instead, my ego has been shed because there is more to me than what is exposed for eyes to see. Breaking out of a confined space I have known far too long, breathing in refined oxygen. - my flowers begin to grow within."

Seven years. That’s roughly how long it takes for the cells in our bodies to replace themselves. Is that, too, a mere testament to how we are not meant to remain the same?

It is undeniable that the one constant in every single one of our journeys is change.

Life’s changes can be big or small, predictable like the patterns of the seasons, or completely random, like the weather. Nevertheless, it's helpful to know the power these changes can have in helping us evolve and reach our full potential as we individually progress ourselves. Whether it is making a move across the country, grieving the loss of a loved one, turning your three member family into a party of four, or simply discovering a new hobby. Our exposure to different experiences, ability to overcome difficult times, and the connections we make all play such a significant role in shaping who we are.

If we take the challenges we’re given and seize them as catalysts for growth, we then turn them into opportunities from which we can learn and progress. We are designed to grow.

Our minds are meant to expand and vision widen as we develop more good qualities of our true nature along our journeys. Sometimes we outgrow people and even outgrow ourselves, shedding the skin we no longer identify with. Moving forward from what no longer serves us, or justifies our truth. Exploring and uncovering new parts of ourselves is an important factor in our continuous reinvention. We are ever-changing.

The perception we hold of the world around us, of ourselves, and of others, may differ year after year, as our eyes only allow us to see from which the current state our depth of sight may be. It is vital to let go of any past versions of ourselves, and recognize the permanent attachments to ideas and things, as well as viewing life in the pretense only restricts us from truly blooming.


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