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Drowning in Shallow Waters: Coping with One-Sided Relationships


Poem feature on background of gloomy ocean waves
Poem featured in "The Journey We Take"

We've all been there — in a relationship where it feels like you're giving your all, but your partner isn't meeting you halfway. There’s many emotions that can arise in such situations and I wrote this poem to express those. (pg.16 of The Journey We Take)

The metaphor of testing the waters and abandoning ship to dive into a new connection accentuates the courage and vulnerability involved in opening up to someone new. It’s never easy and the unfortunate realization that the person you’ve delved into lacks the depth and substance you were seeking is disheartening. I personally blamed my naivety in this referenced case scenario, but regardless of reasoning, I wanted to communicate these emotions through the imagery of drowning in their shallowness. Being pulled under to stay afloat, only to be held down by someone who wants company in their own misery, speaks to the toxic and draining nature of the relationship. Sometimes people use others to alleviate their own emotional pain, even if it means causing harm to the person they’re with and it was important for me to capture that in this poem since I had undergone the suffering from this kind of situation. The neglect and disregard for my emotional well-being left me questioning why I invested so deeply in someone who could never reciprocate. Using the paradox of feeling submerged and absorbed by this shallow person while still being left dry affirmed the emotional emptiness and disappointment that was experienced from the loss and regret of throwing my heart overboard.

Dealing with a one-sided relationship, whether romantic or platonic can be emotionally challenging, but it's essential to prioritize your well-being and happiness. Through self-reflection, open communication, setting boundaries, and self-care you can navigate the rough waters.


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