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Feeding the Soul: Nourishing Meaning, Depth, & Connection

“Darling, you’ve been running on empty. I know you’re hungry for greater than what you’ve been settling for, so go on, and feed your soul. Starve no more.”

Our souls naturally crave meaning, depth, and connection. There is no need we should not satisfy this hunger and the call to contribute to something larger than ourselves, or ego selves. I believe these feelings arise when our life has led us to a place where we must decide whether to remain stagnate, or to progress. If we strive for a life full of nourishment, we must feed ourselves the proper fuel to keep growing as spiritual beings. This feeling of emptiness perhaps is our higher-self inviting us to embark on an inner-journey of becoming more conscious of our essence and connected to who we are beyond the surface of our lives.

Starving was written as I reflected on a time in my life when I felt unfulfilled and devoid of purpose. I had an appetite for more than what fear was allowing me to obtain and no longer wanted to stay blinded by the veil of complacency. As I uncovered my passions and things that made me feel alive, I felt less starved and instead, started to fill up with joy. That feeling of emptiness soon subsided. I wrote this in hopes it pushes others to answer that call in their life to find their most authentic self and stay true to themselves, only then will the hunger for more be satisfied.


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