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The Paradox of Power: Finding Balance in Life's Swings

"Life has been set in a back and forth trajectory. I hang on to hope as the pendulum swings. Opposing movements influence by the intensity of my energy magnified by forces that push me against resistance. I move towards the direction of its insistence, searching for my composure in the shifting motion and I hang on to hope as the pendulum swings." Pendulum, pg. 52 of The Journey We Take

It’s ironic that when we feel the stubbornness to resist something or someone in our life, it’s almost certain on the other side of that unwillingness to accept that there is a gift to be had or, at the very least, a lesson to be learned. Focusing on what we don’t want attracts more of what we find is undesirable because where our concentration goes is the direction our life will encompass. As humans we have this natural tendency to fix, numb, or try to completely avoid pain, whether it be emotional or physical, but despite our avoidance we wind up perseverating on those certain unwanted symptoms, or situations which in turn magnifies and intensifies them as well as the negativity.

The idea of opposing movements influenced by the intensity of your energy reflects the notion that our own actions and attitudes can play a significant role in shaping our experiences. Highlighting the power of mindset and determination in affecting the trajectory of our lives. Being reluctant to the inevitable perpetual motions of the journey we’re on will force it in the exact initial rejected direction. Resistance acts as a wall, trapping us inside a cycle where our own impediments become the culprit of self-destruction. What we feel like is a layer of protection from pain or discomfort of any sort ultimately is a detriment. We are left with nowhere to go when our opposition to relish control reins over our inability to accept things for how they are. As Carl Jung puts it, “what we resist persists..” That barrier can only vanish when we choose to practice allowance and not fight against life’s occurrences.

It’s vital we teach ourselves to be receptive and let life unfold freely. It's possible to find a sense of balance and calm by holding on to hope and inner strength. We must release resistance in order to attract everything we hope for, letting the emotions and sensations that come with our existence pass through us like clouds that eventually dissipate into clarity. This offers lucidity and grants us the eyes to see the truth. There will always be dark times as we walk this world, but if we turn our face to the sun we will not wallow in the shadows and discover that even amidst the swings there is beauty, growth and the potential for a brighter future.


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